CBD oil is taken from marijuana and hemp plants.  The resin the plants produce is collected and often diluted with a secondary oil.  The THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the chemical found in these plants that causes users to feel high.  CBD oil has a THC concentration of less than 1%, giving you all the benefits of the oil without the high.  Some distributors have been exposed for mislabeling the amount of CBD oil in their products so make sure to check out who you’re buying from.

How Can I Use CBD Oil ❓

CBD and hemp oils are available in several different formats.  You can purchase pure CBD oil concentrate. This has no additives and is in the pure form right off the plant.  This oil is often thick and a little bit goes a long way. Tinctures are similar to pure concentrate but will often have additional essential oils added in with the CBD.  You can add these liquids to smoothies or take them on their own.

Another popular way to get the full benefits of CBD oil is to buy it in e-liquid or vape oil form.  You can purchase these oils to use in any vaporizer, or you can buy disposable vapes and cartridges if you don’t want the fuss of keeping one clean.  Inhaling the oil is the most efficient way to get it into your body to immediately feel its effects.

Benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) 🌿

Benefits of Cannabidiols
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